Wedding Day Advice

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my wedding what a CRAZY CRAZY time.

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For the last 14 months the only thing that was on my mind was this wedding, it consumed all my conversations, thoughts and money. I spent so much time DIY-ing, planning, making timelines, crying, writing emails, crying some more. It just feels so crazy that its over. I know everyone says this but IT FLYS BY SO FAST. SO FAST.

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I have some words of wisdom to pass on to anyone that is planning a wedding.

Don’t stress too much over the little details. I was so hung up on this railing that was behind us during the ceremony I wanted to make something to hang to cover it. I lost sleep over this fucking thing and at the end of the day it didn’t matter at all. I was the ONLY one that noticed it and cared about it.

  • Don’t let anyone A N Y O N E tell you how to do your day. If you have dreamed of having a small ceremony on top of a god damn hill with 10 puppies, you do the damn thing because that is your vision. Don’t let your second cousin, or your dads new wife make you feel bad about your vision and pressure you into changing it. DO YOU BOO.

  • Put one of your bridesmaids on food and water duty. Everyone says this but it’s true AF. Don’t forget to eat. Your nerves are all over the place and you don’t feel like you can stomach anything but power through and shove that food in your mouth. I asked my bridesmaids to basically treat me like a baby and remind me to take a sip of water every hour and I ate a bagel and snacked through out the day.

  • DO A FIRST LOOK. the nerves you have are UNREAL but the second I saw my future husband standing there waiting for me nothing else in the whole world mattered. I had my partner in crime and I felt at peace with everything. We were also able to do a bunch of portraits after the first look so we didn’t have to miss our entire cocktail hour which gave us the opportunity to say hi to all the people that came to share in our love.

  • Hire a videographer. Do it. save the money its so damn worth it. I swear you black out. There are chunks of my wedding I don’t remember at all, and I can not wait to see the video of it because I know it was amazing.

  • This was pretty non-traditional but I invited someone to the wedding who is an Instagram master and her job besides to party her face off was to take cell phone shots and post on Instagram stories. I can not even tell you how amazing it was to lay in bed exhausted at the end of the night with my HUSBAND and go through all of those photos. It was just so damn cool to have it immediately to look at. She also took tons of boomerangs of my dress in motion and ahh I'm just so obsessed with those.

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  • Make sure you love your photographer, like love them so much that you want to invite them to thanksgiving dinner. You want to feel 100% comfortable with them because they will be there for the very private moments on your wedding day. Also make sure you do your research, its pretty impossible to shoot an entire wedding day in 8 hours so you won’t have footage of either you getting ready, which makes really great photos. Or you won’t have photos of the party. Find someone that doesn’t give a timeline or starts at 10 hours because you’ll end up caving at the last minute and adding time which costs a few extra hundred dollars which will feel like thousands days before your wedding.

  • HIRE A DAY OF COORDINATOR, I was blessed by a human angel goddess named Ashley and her cousin Jackie who saved my wedding day over and over again. She had my back and I love her now like a part of my family. When I was freaking out she would look at me dead in the eye and tell me “It’s all good, I’ve got it” and she did. You need that calming energy on your wedding day. If she saw me looking around the room she would appear next to me with in seconds asking me what I needed. When I went to find her to tell her to start cleaning up, she was already on it and had taken care of it all. She was worth every damn penny and if I won the lotto tomorrow I would venmo her thousands just cause.

  • This one is kinda weird. You are so overwhelmed by seeing all these friends and family that you don’t always get to see that you forget to hang out with your new spouse. It was important that we reminded ourselves to dance together, and talk to people together because we both so excited to see the people we haven’t seen in forever.

  • Make a timeline that is intense AF, like every 15 minutes are accounted for. there should never be a second that someone doesn’t know whats going on. Timelines are important.

  • BREATHE. This seems like a silly one but your on a high the day of of nerves and adrenaline you kinda forget to breathe. I would sneak away to the bathroom and watching breathing videos on youtube to chill the fuck out and it was life changing. Breathe.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Have fun. It happens so fast. Enjoy yourself.

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